Imagine…the ultimate wrist weights to tone arms. Sleek, simple, stylish, and comfortable. Get more out of every move you make. Tone-y-Bands™ adds just enough weight to help you create the nice toned arm you want without building bulk. Get more calorie burning from your cardio exercise, get more toning from your zumba or dance class, get more core strength from your barre class.

Zumba & Fitness Instructors Love Tone-y-Bands™

Tone-y-Bands™ are cardio weights that help you get more from the exercise that you already do. We surveyed fitness instructors that said they immediately feel the benefits. They reported that...

  • They felt an increase in toning arms
  • Tone-y-Bands™ adjustable wrist weights took their exercise class to the next level of difficulty
  • They felt they were burning more calories
  • Had the best exercise class ever while wearing them

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Hear what these fitness instructors had to say:

Why are Tone-y-Bands™ better?

First, you’ll enjoy wearing them. They feel good. You can adjust wrist weights an ounce at a time by adding or removing pegs so it matches your exercise intensity perfectly. No more injuries from weights that are too heavy. Want to get more benefit? Fill up the bands to get more from your workout. You are in control as you can change them an ounce at a time.

Your hands are free to move! So, work those arms in your exercise class or walk to the max! No need to grip dumbbells or wear bulky wrist weights as you go through your exercise routine. Or, if you are walking for exercise go ahead and hold your pet’s leash, water bottle, or phone as you are burning more calories while your hands are free.

They look good. Wear them to and from the gym, while you walk, or throughout the day without the world knowing that you are burning more calories than they are.