Exercises To Do With Your Partner

Exercises To Do With Your Partner

Everything's better when you’re together, and that includes exercising! 

According to research, having a partner exercise with you is not only fun - it will encourage you to work out more often. Partners keep each other motivated, and some friendly competition using 1 lb  to 5 lb weights on your wrists, ankles, arms, and/or legs could make both of you want to work out even harder. Here are some fun exercises that will prove teamwork while exercising can make it a much more enjoyable experience:

Wanna build your lateral strength? Deficiencies in lateral chain strength can deviate the femur causing a multitude of issues from the hip to the ankle. Weakness can cause irritation on the lateral knee (IT Band) and cause extra impact on the knee and hip. Utilizing ankle/ football/ swim ankle weights with these exercises will give you and your partner that extra kick you need to boost your strength! 

Try these exercises with a partner to improve alignment and decrease injury: 

  1.  Quadruped crouching tiger to up-stretch flow.
  2.  Over the ball stretch.
  3.  Double leg stretch.
  4.  Single straight leg stretch with rotation flow.
  5.  Book opener.

Strengthen your obliques and mobilty with these exercises to ensure the balance between them is equal. Doing so will prevent body dysfunction for you and your partner. Toney Bands has essential tremor wrist weights you and your partner can utilize with these exercises to seek a perfect body equilibrium.

  1. Kneeling side bend to leg hip abduction.
  2. Mermaid to hip lift.
  3. Chest opener to oblique chop.
  4. Front support pile to side support.
  5. Side lying to teaser.