Frequently Asked Questions

What are Tone-y-Bands?

Weights that you can add to any exercise to get results faster – increase heart rate, burn fat, and build muscle. The #1 choice for fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts around the world from fast paced dance, boxing, HIIT, running to barre, yoga, pilates, and walking.


How do I know if the bands will fit on my wrist?

Can I adjust the weight if I find it too heavy?

How do I clean my Toney Bands?

Can I use them in the water?

How long will it take to receive my order?

Do you ship international?

What is your return policy?

I’m a retailer/fitness studio – do you sell wholesale?

Does it have Velcro or fabric?

Can I use Toney Bands for my legs?

Can I use my bands with dumbbells?

Do Toney Bands come with a warranty?

I have tremors – will Tone-y-Bands work for me?

Who should not wear Tone-y-Bands?