How to Exercise When You Simply Don’t Have Time - 10 Minute Workouts

How to Exercise When You Simply Don’t Have Time - 10 Minute Workouts

Can’t ever seem find the time to work out? 

With this simple solution, you’ll only need 10 minutes out of your day to lose weight, improve your health, and increase your brainpower - without the grueling long exercises. Research proves that working out for 10 minutes a day with only 1 minute being highly intense is equivalent to 45 minutes of jogging! The best part is that only 10 minutes allows for complete flexibility in your schedule - and preference. Use your Toney Bands bracelet, arm and leg weights to fire up these simple workouts below!

  • Quadruped knee press
  • Teaser Variation - pause start the top for control
  • Clam Shells - resist the return
  • Hundreds - squeeze for 10 and release for 5 pulses
  • Push Up - length in neck, strong plank position
  • Swimming Variation - frog legs to start, squeeze ring & extend
  • Side Bend Variation - use Obliques to squeeze circle not just gravity
  • Double Leg Lower - press outward/release - lower & repeat - lower & press - raise half way/press - repeat
  • Spine Stretch Forward - curl forward and use abdominals to compress circle

Got a mini ball? Try out this set with your Toney Bands to rev it up!

  • Overhead Arm Flutters
  • Breast Stroke
  • Arm Pulses
  • Side Leg Circles
  • Obliques / leg lifts with knee support
  • Obliques / leg lifts
  • Roll Up
  • Single leg Teaser
  • Teaser